Be Decisive

We all know those people who can’t make a decision about anything. Where do you want to eat? I don’t care. What do you want to do today? It doesn’t matter to me. Most of these people are people pleasers. They don’t want to make the wrong decision, so therefore they’d prefer someone else to make the decision.

I can’t say that I have any real experience in this department. If you asked most of my family and friends they’d tell you I always know what I want. I’m the first in line when we need a plan for a weekend away. I will gladly take the reins and plan an entire party that I was simply a guest at. I used to think this made me bossy, and maybe it still does to an extent. But, I quickly realized the reason things tend to “work out” for me is because I know exactly what I want and I know where I’m headed. The “how” aspect of how I’m going to do it doesn’t ever really cross my mind. I just get started and figure it out as I go. The answer usually reveals itself.

Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? Why not just listen to that instead of overthinking it? Often we try and weigh out all of our options instead of listening to that first instinct, that voice inside of our head that tells us what to do. How much time are you wasting spending the days wondering if you should take that promotion? You could have easily accepted it, enjoyed that pay increase and be celebrating with a glass of champagne! The same goes for saying “no” too! Do you ever get invited to a friends birthday or a networking event that you really don’t want to go to? Saying no when you want to takes away a lot of the unhappiness that comes with self-induced obligations.

I once had a business coach ask me “How did you make that decision?” I said “I don’t know. My gut told me to do it, so I did it. And it worked out.” He then said “That is the reason you are so successful! If you continue to make decisions with that kind of confidence, that quickness, you can continue to grow your business rapidly. Leaders are DECISIVE!” Ever since then, my “gut instinct” has led me to hire some amazing staff, to dissolve some old relationships, to create new business opportunities and so much more!

I want the same for you. So here’s how you start your path to becoming more decisive. You ask yourself multiple questions throughout the day and do the first thing that comes to mind. Am I going to the gym in the morning? Yes. Lay out your clothes and set your alarm. There’s no time to think about how tired you’ll be in the morning! The decision is made. What do I want for lunch? Pick the first place that comes to mind. Making these easy decisions quickly throughout the day starts to sharpen your decision making skills!

Ultimately, I want you to be the happiest, most kick ass version of yourself. Learning to be decisive will open up a ton of new opportunities for you. Saying no when you want to allows time for more things that make you happy.  When making choices throughout your life I want you to be so congruent in who you are, that there is never any debate about what you should or shouldn’t do, you simply just do it.  Remember, leaders are decisive. There is never a wrong answer. Whatever choice you make, is the right one.