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How Did I Get Here?

When I first graduated school, I felt like most new graduates. Scared, buried in student loans and willing to take any job that was thrown at me, just so I could finally start working in the real world.

A year after working at a clinic, I was burned out, defeated and unhappy.  I knew I had to make a quick change, so I dived head first into business and self help books and started envisioning what my happiness looked like. I decided to quit my job and 3 weeks later, I was opening the doors to my first clinic.

Since then I have gone on to open several businesses and have grown immensely as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

My goal is to help you find what your version of happiness looks like, and then TOGETHER do everything in our power to make that dream become a reality!

Why Coach With Me?

Outside of health and wellness, I have a passion for helping women grow their businesses.

I’m an avid learner and take investing in myself seriously. I travel all over the world attending business conferences and masterminds learning from my own mentors and other business experts.

Through my own trials and tribulations I have successfully grown three separate businesses. I offer a unique perspective for women in business and I have a track record for helping women just like you.

I want to help you reach your goals and inspire new ones you haven’t even thought of yet. If you are looking for a mentor to help you every step of the way in scaling your business, you’ve found her!

What clients are saying

“Being a coaching client of Stephanie’s has been truly amazing! It’s such a breath of fresh air knowing that I have someone who hears me, understands the EXACT direction I want to take my business, and helps me make a wonderfully strategic path to get where I want to go! As a one woman show and only a year in practice, having her by my side during the rebranding of my entire company made it that much more effortless and the transition smoother. Having someone who gives phenomenal business strategies all the while holding me accountable has been pivotal to the success I’m seeing constantly! I’m excited to have her on my team and see what growth will happen in the future!”

– Dr. Alayna Clark

“I knew that I needed a coach when opening my business, and after speaking with Stephanie I knew she’d be the perfect fit. She helped me take my business idea, turn into reality and helped me become profitable within my first 3 months of working with her! She has helped endlessly with social media strategies, content creation, expanding the business, generating referrals and so much more. She helped me go from a scarcity mindset to realizing anything I want is possible. I’d recommend anyone looking for guidance to hire her. She has been the female powerhouse I needed to step into my own light!”

– Sydney Urban
Massage Therapist

“Stephanie and I have known each other for a long time. She has always been goal oriented, motivated and a leader to not only herself but to everyone that she surrounds herself with. When I was ready to step out of my comfort zone and open my own practice, it was a no brainer to ask her for help and guidance. She is always ready and willing to lend her ear and brainstorm ways that my ideas and dreams can come to fruition. Between her experience of successfully building multiple practices/businesses of her own, working with her other clients, and the research she does in her “down time”, I know that I am getting the best of the best advice and guidance for my business with her by my side. Stephanie has helped me reach my 5 year goals in less than 2 years! WOW! Anyone would be lucky to hire her as their business coach!”

– Dr. Cara Corbelli

“Stephanie Wigner has been amazing for me and my practice! She is a natural at coaching and keeps the fire behind me that I need to keep momentum going. Since working with her, I’ve gotten my stats back up to pre-COVID, created a plan to actually pay off debt, learned how to reward myself (a tough one for me), solidified my networking group that she’s taught me how to uniquely and genuinely connect to, and has helped me create a long-term plan to continuously attract my ideal clients. My typical business game plan has been to just work really hard, wear myself out, and hope things swing in my direction. Now, Stephanie is teaching me to slow down and to strategize so that my ideas are leveraged and scalable. She has helped me bring the passion back to my work. I could keep going as my list with her keeps going as well!

I have always been busy, now I am productive. With her help, I am creating something sustainable for the long term without always having to grind for low-lying fruit. She has turned me from being a boss in a job to becoming a true entrepreneur. I cannot believe where my vision has shifted since working with her. It is very exciting!

Stephanie has no ego, is driven with a track record to prove it, and is a visionary for creating effective plans with no matter what ideas I throw at her. I am incredibly grateful to be working with her!”

-Dr. Chelsea Rainey

“I’ve worked in my field for 5 years before meeting Stephanie. I loved what I did but my previous environment drained me and even made me consider leaving the career altogether. I stumbled across her information and was instantly drawn and knew this was someone I wanted to work with. In the short amount of time we have worked together she has helped me overcome obstacles that I have struggled with my entire career. She has not only helped bring back my drive, but her advice helps me with my personal life as well. Stephanie has taught me how to set goals, achieve them and reward my hard work so I continue to enjoy everything I’ve worked hard for. I’ve broken through more barriers in my business than I ever believed possible. With her guidance, structure and expertise as well as her kind support, I am continuously working and improving myself. She may challenge you and she may change things that you think are working. Trust her process, she has a remarkable way of working through a problem, walking you through solutions and opening your mind to new avenues that you never considered!”

– Dr. Monika Luto

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