We know you care about making a big impact and helping others

But it's time you stop sacrificing everything you want in the name of helping others. The time has come to build a business that brings you joy AND financial freedom. You deserve to be compensated appropriately for the difference you're making in your community. You also deserve to enjoy other aspects of your life outside of work, too. I promise it's not as crazy as it sounds- you really get to have it all!

Holistic Healers, Let's have a chat! 

Every single practitioner I've worked with wants more new clients. But what if getting more new clients is only part of the solution? Here we focus on attracting your dream clients and the ones you do your best work with. We plan out your marketing calendar for the year, so you can effortlessly attract new, aligned clients. We work on building strategic partnerships within your community so you can become the "go-to" place!

New Clients, Dream Clients

Increase Revenue & Impact

This is where we dive into stat tracking, expenses, profit and loss statements and much more! We dive into stat tracking, retention metrics and more so that we can make educated decisions based on what the numbers are telling us. We analyze offers, pricing and more to get you to your desired income goal!

Our unique framework:

Buy Back Your Time

We focus on building a five star team and what it looks like to show up as the leader you want to be so that you can start to get some time back.  Want to spend more time at home with your kids? Great! Want to start a second business? We can help with that, too. Once you start to get your time back you truly get to do whatever it is you want, when you want. 

A comprehensive online course designed exclusively for passionate practitioners. With comprehensive modules, actionable insights, and practical resources, you'll have all the tools you need to propel your revenue to an impressive multiple six figures. Embrace this opportunity to transform your practice and experience unparalleled success.

Wealthy Practitioner Accelerator

Here's where the magic happens

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An all-inclusive online coaching program designed for passionate practitioners who are eager to transform their practice and attain unparalleled success. With comprehensive modules, actionable insights, and practical resources, you'll have all the tools you need to propel your revenue to an impressive multiple six figures. 

Wealthy Practitioner Accelerator

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This is a high level mastermind where we focus on increasing your profitability, building out a five star team and buying back your time as the clinic owner. During this mastermind I bring in my personal board of advisors that have helped me scale multiple businesses. If you are looking to build a 7 figure business, this mastermind is for you! 

Business Class

Online Coaching Course


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This annual 2 day event held in August of every year invites business minded individuals together for a one of a kind mastermind experience. Each year, I invite experts in business building professions that have already made names and 7 plus figure businesses for themselves. The event will give you unmatched advice and tools to take your business to new heights and Launch Your Legacy

Launch Your Legacy


For years I've had a passion for fertility coaching and never could get myself to launch a business in that realm. Steph has helped me focus on building the right systems for growth within my clinic so I could start to focus my energy on building this second business.She has helped guide me every step of the way building out this new program from the offer to pricing and everything in between. I am so grateful to be working with her!

"In a matter of only weeks, I've launched a second business with Steph's guidance! She has guided me through every step of the way and helped me solidify my plan moving forward "



We've grown immensely since working with Steph. While expanding our team it was important to me to learn how to navigate all the new roles within our office to ensure each person was successful. I've been able to focus on showing up as the leader that my team needs, while gaining back time to focus on other things, like spending more time with my family and building our real estate portfolio!

"Steph not only helped me create an irresistible offer for an associate doctor, she also helped me integrate my new team"



Yes, It Really Works

I wanted to coach with her because she is not only a successful chiropractor, but she owns multiple offices, multiple businesses outside of chiropractic AND she's a mom herself. Her track record is phenomenal but the main reason I said YES to Steph was because of how she prioritizes her family. She was a few steps ahead of me in work and life and I just knew her advice for me would be spot-on. Her philosophy of "you can have BOTH!" regarding work and family was something | desperately needed help with. Together, we prioritized what was important to me and figured out how to make what | was spending my time on in alignment with what I cared most about. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to make the hard decisions I needed to and is the absolute best no-nonsense hype girl you could ask for."

"I started coaching with Stephanie at a time in my life where | was in serious turmoil. I was a new mom and my clinic was still in startup mode and I just felt so much pressure coming at me from all sides. 

Made a Big Transition



Are you looking for an accomplished and engaging speaker to add value to your next event, podcast or mastermind?

 I have 7 years of extensive experience in opening and running multiple 6 Figure and 7 Figure businesses. I'd love to see if I'm a good fit to motivate and inspire your community to build the life of their dreams!

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