In 2015,

I was broke drowning in student loan debt.

I was wishing I hadn’t moved clear across the country away from all of my friends and family. I was lonely and defeated.

After a short lived pity party, I decided I was tired of playing the victim and decided if I was going to be happy it was up to me to make it happen. I spent all of my free time reading self help books, learning from experts and focusing on changing my mindset.


I knew that I wanted to be profitable within the first month, so I did everything in my power to make it happen. In a short 5 years, I grew my tiny 600 sq foot office to the leading pediatric and prenatal practice at the Jersey Shore. We currently have two locations and two doctors with plans to expand in the future.

There’s A Solution

Graduating school can be overwhelming. You’re super excited to get started and change people’s lives, but you aren’t sure what the next steps are. You don’t need an expensive practice management company to become successful.

You also don’t need to go into thousands of dollars worth of debt to make it happen either. BUT, what you do need is the right guidance, the right mindset, and the desire to make it happen.

I created a class specifically for people who want a step by step approach. When I graduated, I wanted nothing more than to have a mentor in my corner rooting for me and guiding me. I’m here to be that person for you!

The only limitations you will ever encounter are the ones you’ve set on yourself. So, if your goal is to make the world a healthier place, what are you waiting for?


Launch Your Biz MasterClass: Student Edition

This transformative workshop has been altered to completely focus on chiropractic students and new graduates who are looking to launch a successful career.

This program will teach you unique ways to market and sell your services with tried and true principles. This is a virtual class designed to be a comprehensive approach to answering all of your burning questions they don’t cover in traditional school.

If you are anything like me, you wish that the business portion of school would have been more extensive and covered more than it did. Sure, creating a business plan is helpful- but then what? You need to know how to create a profitable practice from Day 1.

Whether you are starting a new chiropractic office or are looking to have a successful associate position, we promise this class is jam packed with applicable information.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Some of the concepts we cover in the masterclass include:

What Do You Need to Start?

Who Do You Need on Your Team?

Crafting Your WHY and I Stand For Statements

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset Shifts

How to Get Your Ideal Client into Your Office

Marketing vs. Selling Strategies

Goal Setting and Rewards


Bookkeeping and Stat Tracking

This class is not intended to tell you how to practice or what population to see. That is for your heart to decide. This class is intended to teach you Business 101, marketing tips, sales strategies, and how to set realistic goals and expectations while building a profitable practice.

$79 // Student Pricing


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