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I've helped several wellness professionals transition from a small business owner to a true entrepreneur. Instead of working IN the business every day they now have time to work ON the business. You're likely here because you're feeling overworked, underpaid or tired of not having a plan in place to achieve your financial goals. With me as your guide, you'll end up having a business you love that makes you more money while working less hours.  Sound too good to be true? It's normal to feel this way, but I've helped several clients do exactly that.

Let's Build an Empire

READY TO GO FROM A small business owner to a true entrepreneur?

We help brick and mortar health and wellness professionals get more clients, keep more clients, and operate like a well oiled machine so they can free up time. We focus on building legacies without sacrificing those that we're building it for.  

Coaching for Health and Wellness Professionals

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Are you someone who is super passionate about the services they offer and feel like you've been grinding the last few years to have a successful business? Likely, you've generated a good amount of success but you find yourself thinking "this can't be it! There has to be a way to make more money without sacrificing everything else!" Early in my career, I felt this exact same way and everywhere I turned coaches were telling me to 'Work harder! Sacrifice everything now for the rewards later!' and I often found myself looking for a better way. I wanted a successful business, but I also wanted to be present for my family.  So I started asking better questions. How can I decrease my personal input while increasing the output? This is exactly why I created Business Class. I want to show you the exact steps I did in building a million dollar health and wellness practice while working smarter, not harder. This mastermind was created to help you accelerate your success without having to sacrifice what matters most.

7 Figure Practitioner

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I'm not one for small talk. If you've come this far, you likely know I can help you in some capacity. The question is how? I have a variety of offerings curated specifically for service based providers.  If you're ready to get to work, I'm ready to help you get there!


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The Wealthy Practitioner Podcast was created to inspire busy wellness professionals to build legacies for their families without sacrificing time with the ones they're building it for. 


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”I started coaching with Stephanie at a time in my life where | was in serious turmoil. I was a new mom and my clinic was still in startup mode and I just felt so much pressure coming at me from all sides. I wanted to coach with her because she is not only a successful chiropractor, but she owns multiple offices, multiple businesses outside of chiropractic AND she's a mom herself. Her track record is phenomenal but the main reason I said YES to Steph was because of how she prioritizes her family.

She was a few steps ahead of me in work and life and I just knew her advice for me would be spot-on. Her philosophy of "you can have BOTH!" regarding work and family was something | desperately needed help with. Together, we prioritized what was important to me and figured out how to make what I was spending my time on in alignment with what I cared most about. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to make the hard decisions I needed to and is the absolute best no-nonsense hype girl you could ask for." 

Alex Mosley 

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