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In the first episode of The Wealthy Practitioner Podcast, host Dr. Stephanie Wigner shares her excitement about starting her own podcast and dives into some of the mistakes she made in her first year of practice. Rather than focusing on her accomplishments, she opens up about the failures and challenges she faced on her entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Stephanie discusses three key mistakes she made: not being prepared for the worst when opening her chiropractic clinic, hiring the wrong fit for her front desk, and relying on the advice of a business coach that didn’t align with her vision.

Despite these setbacks, she emphasizes the importance of betting on oneself, trusting your intuition, and paying attention to the metrics inside of your business. The episode concludes with a teaser for the next episode, where Dr. Stephanie will explore the process of opening a satellite clinic. Follow @thewealthypractitioner on Instagram!

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